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[icon] ~Background~ Name: Eusabel Age: 16 Birthday: July 13 Astrological… - X Men Character Ratings
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Time:11:15 pm
Current Mood:thirstythirsty
Name: Eusabel
Age: 16
Birthday: July 13
Astrological Sign: Cancer
I want to be voted as [girl/boy/doesn't matter]: doesn't matter. i will appreciate whatever character is bestowed upon me XD

~Please Explain When Needed~
Likes: sleeping, chocolate, music, iPod, movies, TV shows, loyal friends, funny people
Dislikes:  backstabbers, liars
Strong Points: hardworking, funny, dedicated, dependable
Weak Points: talks a lot {quite excessive}, impatient, very competitive
Optimistic or Pessimistic: pessimistic but eventually becomes optimistic
Hyper or Calm or Normal Energy: hyper! all the time! you should hear my awesome LAUGH!
Implusive or Analyze the situation: i always analyze the situation first but of course, sometimes i am a bit impulsive
Leader or Follower: leader
Outgoing or Shy: outgoing
Dreams: i want to be successful in my life, be rich and have a family. as of now, i want to graduate! XD
Describe yourself in 3 words: funny, hardworking, dependable

Color: RED!!! XD
Animal: puppies
Season: Summer
Book: i like a lot of books! XD
Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Show: i watch a lot! XD
Music: all genres is fine with me
Music Artist: there's a lot! [Taking Back Sunday, Fall Out Boy, etc.]
Any other favorites you'd like to add: I love SWEETS! I am so addicted to sweets and I mean, ADDICTED! XD

What element do you most identify with and why?: I think Fire because I feel that I have a strong personality and I do get hot-tempered most of the time.
Someone's yelling at you and you don’t know why, how do you respond?: I'll get quite irritated and ask why the hell is he/she yelling at me XD
Who's view on mutant/human relations do you most identify with?: Storm. She doesn't take sides, sort of. She tries to compromise somehow.
Based on your personality/life, what power/mutation (if it could be chosen) would be most appropriate for you and why?: telekinesis because i tend to act as a leader so somehow i control things but not in a bad way. lol

Fav. X-men Character[s]: Wolverine, Rogue, Professor X, Jean Gray, Mystique
Least Fav. X-men Character[s]: Pyro, Magneto [attitude wise but i admire his power]

~Anything else~ X-Men is AWESOME! I hope I get a cool character! XD


I'm the girl in the left XD That's my friend! I have long hair there but now I have shoulder-length hair! lol just saying. XD
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Time:2007-10-28 02:07 pm (UTC)
I dunno you sorta remind me of Pyro before he deferred to magneto, you seem quite impatient and competitive but also quite fun loving and a good friend XD
vote on me too please? http://community.livejournal.com/xmen_rating/57525.html
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Time:2007-10-28 08:02 pm (UTC)
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[icon] ~Background~ Name: Eusabel Age: 16 Birthday: July 13 Astrological… - X Men Character Ratings
View:Recent Entries.